Limit Quota to last x files

Im using nextcloud on my own server and would like to have keep the last x files upto the quote limit.
ie i have 10 gig quota but once it gets close say 9.5 to start deleting the older stuff so it just keeps the last 10 gigs of data uploaded.
Unless im missing something i cant see how i can do that?

Many Thanks

to add i want to use this for file sharing and i know my users wont delete older stuff and will want to keep adding new files then call me when they cant.


I think that is not possible. Also the idea is pretty bad, as you want to lose old but important files.

You could take a look at the app Group folders. you can use it also for only one person. Maybe it makes sense to simply use several quotas. And when the group folder overflows, you start with the second group folder. And when that one is empty, delete all the data in the first group folder and start again from there.

There is also a trick to sharing. If the user shares a folder (not files) containing the files, he can allow reading and deleting via extended rights. The recipient can then delete the files themselves after receiving them … if they don’t forget. This can be particularly useful for very large files.

ok i will look at that thankyou