Limit Nextcloud size on webhosting

Hello experts,

I have 50 GB storage at netcup, a simple webhosting solution.
I have shell access via OCCWEB-App, no root or sudo access.

Exceeding my webhosting is a real problem as all the services including the mail server get disabled.

I set time limits for versions and deleted files, but this solves the problem not in a reliable way.
I’m running Nextcloud 18.0.7.

Is there any solution?


Please plan for the nextcloud system and nextcloud backups (data/updater-*/backups) a part of your storage. If you delete old backups after updating in data/updater-/backups it is less data. Then you can set a user quota. Because not every users uses his quota you can overbook it.

Hi devnull,
thanks for your reply and your ideas. Some questions:

  1. “please plan a part of your storage”. Unfortunately I don’t know how to do it on my webhosting. I’m afraid it’s not possible.
  2. “Delete old backups”: Good idea, but I suppose its not that big.
  3. I have only two users - me (use 19gb, Quota 35gb) and my wife (use 2gb, quota 10gb). According to webhosting statistics Nextcloud takes more than 40gb on my webhosting storage.
  4. As what I understood so far, most of the storage is taken by deleted files and file versions. I try to took care with that in the config settings (see first post), but obviously it didn’t help (I don’t know if it did something actually).


You can set stricter rules: Configuration Parameters — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation

By default, it uses storage as long as it is available.

Yes, but these are not rules to set a limit.
In the nextcloud docs it says always
“if space is needed”

But it is very unclear or rather not configurable, what “needed” means.
Because in my case, my webhosting limit is not strict from software point of view, so nextcloud apparently doesn’t recognize it as limit.

Well you can definitely delete files in the trash or versions older than a certain date.

One could think of some more detail on the used storage that is shown on your page, you could show the real used storage vs. the unreduced used space (the one that won’t be deleted automatically).