Limit login to IP ranges app to be continued in future releases?


I found the app Limit login to IP ranges on Restrict login to IP addresses - Apps - App Store - Nextcloud.

Will this app continued in future releases? Or is there any other way to get this functionality?
Would be a nice addition to my Nextcloud installation.

I want to allow login only on internal networks but if someone shares a link with someone outside the company it should be accessible. So UFW is not an option for this use-case.


I think this is better handled from your webserver configuration. You can block access to URLs that dont begin with /index.php/s/

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Will try this idea…

But do I need to give access to other paths because of CSS, JS, images etc?

Hmm, yeah I didnt consider this, I use server rules to block all outside access so I didnt have this issue :frowning:

So you are blocking ALL connections from outside?

The purpose from my side is just to share files with the outside but let no one access with his credentials to upload something from home and smuggle it into the company.