Licensing Question

Hello Nextcloud family,
I’ve been a Nextcloud user and fan since the start of the project, but now it’s time to move on to the next level.

Since in my country there are no storage alternatives to Dropbox and Google Drive, I would like to create a website that will use Nextcloud installed on one of my servers where I can charge end-user for some space I will provide him (let’s say 100 GB). It will be like a SAAS service and end users can add a limited number of sub-users to their team (let’s say 10).

My question is: am I allowed to install the Nextcloud open-source license on my servers and use it for unlimited number of people, while charging them?

Also am I allowed to modify some parts of the Nextcloud source code to better fit the needs I have?

I’m not a lawyer and licensing has always been an issue for me. Please tell me if it s ok to do that.

Thank you!

afaik this won’t be any problem with the Licencingmodel (APGL 3) NC has chosen.

Ummm. I’m not sure. Maybe. But I dunno what would come up mandatory to that step except for: you most prolly aren’t allowed to sell the code.

So here’s my suggestion… As I dunno if there’s any representative for your country… try calling NC GmbH directly and try to get to talk to some specialist from them. They should know the best. Calling (+49 711 25 24 28 90) and asking is usually for free - and: they do speak english, at least.

Keep in mind that - if you’d host your storage in your own country you might be forced to allow offical offices and services to share your hosted data with them (like Dropbox, Google, Microsoft, etc) so the same restrictions might apply to your company as well.

btw: welcome to the community-forums of NC. Nice that you found your way to here :wink:

@nick1923 , @JimmyKater
I think with AGPL instead of GPL the “ASP loophole” was closed and you must give your users download access to your modified nextcloud software. @JimmyKater: Is this correct?

to be honest: I dunno. :thinking: :man_shrugging: :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil: :flushed:

I hope that I can answer your question within the next months
check out my thread on my masterthesis about nextcloud as a service

Cool! if you do that not only for gaining money but as well as part of the struggle for informational self determination, then I could try to link you up with a few people I know offering nextcloud on a pay as much as you can basis quite professionally as well for an exchange.