Libreoffice Online Fedora/CentOS RPM

I’ve been fighting with this for the past 20 hours or so, it seems building this with rpmbuild introduces a lot of issues that need to be handled manually. I’ve been able to get 4/5 of the tests passing but the last one is beyond me (unit-admin). I believe it has something to do with the setcap and lack of lool user/group during the building stage.

I’ve set up a git if anyone is interested in forking it or issuing a pull to see if we can get this working. There are a bunch of ugly hacks in the spec file - some due to the inherent nature of the package, some due to the inherent lack of knowledge of the packager :grin:

There’s more stuff to do, such as getting the right paths in the service and xml files, but that’s nothing compared to running a build with all tests working.

Any ideas?

I’ve got it working but some of the time I’m getting the “unexpected connection error”, the loolwsd logs say “nothing to save” when this happens. Gotta go bug hunting.

Also just noticed there is a LibreOffice 5.2 branch of lool, going to try building that to see how it fares.

Apparently this is not production-ready; building it straight from the command-line with all tests passing still gives the unexpected connection error around 20% of the time, as does the Docker image. I guess I’ll have to wait for a stable release to get this done.