Let's Encrypt without open ports: DNS-01 challenge solved :)

Hi to all,
first of all, I don’t want absolutely spam on your forum.
A small background: I’m a PHP developer that want use Let’s Encrypt on his PI without change 80 port (need for my router external management).

I did find only python script, but I don’t know python (and I don’t need on my PI).

So, starting from the DUCK DNS tutorial linked in your wiki and in your issue (https://github.com/nextcloud/nextcloudpi/issues/293), at the end I did write a bash hook for dehydrated to solve the DNS challenge and get the certificate :slight_smile:
Basically we need API to write our TXT dns. API are for free from Cloud Flare.

This is my repo: https://github.com/sineverba/cfhookbash

It is totally open source of course, MIT licensed. No spam. If can help also you, I’m very happy.

I don’t know if in your ecosystem you can add dehydrated (necessary) neither if you can use cron (I think of yes).

If you think that it is SPAM, delete without problem, but if you think that you want integrate in your project… the code is your!

And if you want use, feel free to comment, open issue, clone, fork… For a better (open) world!

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