Let's Encrypt with other Webserver port


I need to run NextcloudPi HTTPS Page on a other port (for example 8000).
For a short time I can also use Port 80 und Port 443 for Verifying Let’s Encrypt-
Is there anything special I have to do when I want a certificate for this port or is a certificate for a whole domain?

Let’s Encrypt will always attempt to connect on port 80. This is non-configurable and non-negotiable. From there, it will follow redirects, but only to ports 80 or 443–again, this is non-configurable and non-negotiable. If keeping port 80 open for validation is going to be a problem, look into using DNS validation instead.


Thanks for your answer!
I know that Let’s Encrypt needs Port 80 or port 443 for validation. This is no problem (can open those ports when a validation is necessary).

What I’m trying to ask is: is the certificate valid for the whole domain (for example: cloud.xxx.de:8001 instead of cloud.xxx.de (:80)

Of course; the certificate covers a hostname, not a port.

you need only 443, configure your router, port 44300 on 443 @ your NC