Lets encrypt not working - Using dynamic DNS with domain - Namecheap

Hi guys.
I setup nextcloud on an android TV box running Armbian.
I opened the ports (80,443) in the router and i am trying to get SSL on it.

 sudo nextcloud.enable-https lets-encrypt

This domain is on Namecheap’s DDNS service, and the domain is currently pointing to the right IP:

i added the domain in the trusted domains list, am i missing something else? Please check the output.
Thank you

looks like the port forwarding on the router didn’t take, or your address is not resolving to your domain name correctly.

confirm if your DNS is resolving correctly: ping your domain name it resolves back to your external IP Address. (may need to flush DNS records or try from a different system/location)

If DNS your Resolves
put the system into your routers DMZ (this will work around port forwarding can take out after and reset the forwarding if that is the issue.)

Good Luck