Let Users Only Access External Local Storage

So I have setup a TrueNAS 13 VM on my ESXi server and installed the Nextcloud plugin. My goal was to host my own cloud for me and my family. I could successfully setup the external local storage, so that each user has access to their assigned folder, but I’ve run into some problems.

I only want my family members to be able to only write to the external storage folder, and not their home directory.

I have seen the workaround in the forum of setting a very low user quota, which would work, but then Nextcloud won’t show how much space in the external folder they have used up so far, which is not ideal.

I configured Nextcloud to count external storage towards the user quota, and wanted to restrict access to the users home directory using the File Access Control app, but it does not seem to provide the functionality that I want, or I have used the wrong regex.
As the users home folder on the system contains /user/files, I tried the regex /.*users\/files.*/i but it did nothing.

Lastly, I also thought about making the users home folder the external storage folder, which would solve both problems above I think, but I’m not sure how to do that.

I would appreciate your help, and please take note that this is the first time I’m using Nextcloud and TrueNAS so please be patient with me :smiley:

There is the primary external storage, meaning that Nextcloud’s main folder is directly an external storage such as SMB or object-storage. Unfortunately, that is not documented well, a few topics here: