Let google/outlook calendar users see tasks/cards with due dates as calendar events

I work with people who use either google calendar or outlook. I have a bunch of tasks and deadlines I want to share with them, and they should be able to see, on their google calendar or google task list, or on their outlook calendar or in their outlook task list, the tasks and deadlines I have created in nextcloud.

One way would be to convert all the VTODO taks into regular calendar events, I think. But I dont really care how. I just want them to be able to see an updated task list without me having to screen shot it or email it to them once a day.

Would be even better if tasks/deck could somehow sync with outlook/google tasks.

Events and tasks are both stored in the same calendar, therefore sharing your calendar as an ics resource should allow them to read your data. They only have to subscribe to the ics calendar link you’ve sent them.

Unfortunitly this is not the case. neither google or outlook recognizes VTODO tasks. When I share the ICS resource, they only see the events, not the tasks in the calendar. So I need a way for them to be able to see the tasks I create as events on their calendar.