Leap-year entry not shown

the calendar inside nextclout do not shows a entry from 29.02.2016 (leap-year):frowning_face:
EDIT: (this entry is not shown in a non-leap-year inside NC)
NC V.13 / calendar app V.1.6.0

my android calendar sync via dav is shown this entry
and my thunderbird calendar is also shown this entry

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in NC 12.0.5 I can’t reproduce this. However, my setup already existed at that time.
Do you have a 29.02.2020?

Can someone confirm this? -> yes, please create a bug report https://github.com/nextcloud/calendar/issues

I’m using NC 13 (Calendar 1.6.0) can not confirm. 29.02.2016 works fine. Entries are shown everywhere Web/Android/Thunderbird …

sorry unparticular explained
ONLY in leap-year you can see the entry
in the three years between you see nothing