LDAP works for login and user search, but no groups show in user list

I’m running Nextcloud 13 RC3.
I’m doing basic file sync with an LDAP backend for authentication.
I have no problem with the users being imported and authentication, but I am unable to get groups to show up.
The groups enumerate in the LDAP config, but never show up in the user list.
When click the “Verify settings and count the groups” button, the count for groups is correct. When I change filters, the number of groups changes correctly.
This is an issue I’ve not been able to fix on any of the Nextcloud releases I’ve used, back to the initial release.
Any suggestions?

I still haven’t figured this out. Is there anyone that has a working config that they are willing to share?

did you check the user-group-association attribute?

Are you referring to the Group-Member association in Advanced settings. If so, it is set for the member attribute.

Arthur Schiwon noreply@nextcloud.com 5/30/2018 5:45 PM >>>

did you check the user-group-association attribute?

What kind of object class do you use to define you groups? “posixGroup” or “groupOfNames”?
Nextcloud -unfortunately- works only with the “member-of” -overlay. And this overlay works only in the object class “groupOfNames”.

Hope some time brings in time and knowledge to get rid of this old group problem which exists since day 1 of the feature…:wink:

that’s not true. It’s being used when it was detected.

I’ve tried with both of those, And both would show groups in the groups config tab.
However none of the groups show up in the user/group window, and none of the users show group membership.
My workaround up til now is to create local Nextcloud groups that mirror the lfap groups, but that is way too much duplication of effort.
And it’s prone to errors.

Hi jtaylor,

do you resolved this issue right now?
I have actually the same problem.
Using ADDS, assosiation with member.
Users and Groups will ne detected in his tab.

same problem here - gin works and all goups are shown in Ldap-config. Under users I get all the right users but no groups. Is there a solution?

nextcloud 18.0.3 and active directory

This is a bug in current Version.
Please check this.

I will Hope this should be fixed in 18.0.4