LDAP users should be able to update their email address

I’ve noticed that since setting up LDAP for my users they can no longer update their own email addresses. I think that they should definitely be able to do that.

Just thought I’d put the suggestion out there.


It should be an option for admins to allow or not this.

In this case, isn’t this handled by LDAP directly?

I can update users emails via LDAP, but users who can only log into nextcloud cannot update their own. I want to take the burden of updating email addresses from admins and let users update their own (i agree with Therion7777 that admins should allow/deny this) . In a situation where the Nextcloud server also has an email server where everyone has an email address from that server and it’s placed in LDAP and managed with their account (ie: corporate setting), then yea, I get it, LDAP should do it. In my case though I have LDAP as a back end for my Nextcloud and XMPP chat but do not provide email to all users. Users use their own 3rd party email services and don’t have direct access to the internal network (only nextcloud access). In my case as the user count climbs, keeping email info up-to-date is a chore.

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