Ldap user : revert back to local, how to?


we need to revert back to local local authent. we do not want to use ldap anymore.
how can we migrate , revert back, to local db ?

thank you.
we have about 60 users.

no one encounter this scenario ?

i have tried to delete ldap configuration but after doing that all users disappear from user list , any idea ?

Yep that’s an annoying thing in nextcloud. I’m also searching for a convenient solution to switch from ldap to local auth.
Maybe this will help you: Import LDAP users & get rid of LDAP
I haven’t tried it yet but I surely will sometime…!

I think there’s no way without loosing passwords…
But yea there’s no easy way at the moment. I wish we had a functionality like in Gitea, where you could just switch the auth backend as I like.

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hum , hot … very hot , solution ! :japanese_goblin:
but i will study it. (thank you for your answer)

we want no more headache with openldap (schema issue, overlay , etc )

and the thing that is very sad : i cannot migrate all (i said all), agenda, deck etc etc) this datas to another instance , instance that working with local (internal ) db !

it’s impossible to export password from openldap (slapcat) etc ?
it’s non reversible encrypt (ssha) ?

hmm not sure anymore how I did this exactly.
But I think I switched all users with the above solution. The users lost their password but they were able to reset it with the “forgot password” function.

Maybe something changed in the last few nextcloud releases…

You’ll have to reset password, indeend.

I did it this way:

The thing is if you delete the right line in db, and create the user just after, everything looks the same.

The important bit is the uid of the user.