LDAP User Quotas value for Unlimited

I’m using Nextcloud version 12.0.5 with openldap for the user backend. I have quotas working with all of my users but I wanted to set some of them to Unlimited. When I populate the ldap field I use for quotas with numbers like “10 GB” it works perfectly but what should I be putting in for unlimited? I’ve tried just a “0”, “unlimited” and “Unlimited” but I can’t seem to find something that works. I can work around it by setting it to unlimited in the nextcloud users section then just putting unlimited in the ldap field but I still get tons of error logs like “not suitable default quota found for user UserName: [Unlimited]”. I tried to find it in the documentation but I didn’t see anything in there about what value = unlimited.

Anyone else run into this issue?

After upgrade to version 13.0.0. I have same error:
Warning user_ldap not suitable default quota found for user xxx: []

Maybe just configure a default quota in the ldap wizard as unlimited. If the ldap attribute is filled with 5GB then its 5GB. If the Attribute is missing, the default comes in effect. I hope i remember that correctly, didnt looked that up now.

Unlimited quota doesn’t work for me. So i putted 900GB for everyone and no errors in log anymore.

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I just found this old thread and after doing a little searching in the database I also found a solution to the problem.

Just simply write “none” in the LDAP field for an unlimited quota.