LDAP User disapeared and cannot be resetted



I am quite new here and need some help now. During my implementation process of Nextcloud I struggeld with the LDAP user accounts.

The LDAP connection works fine and e.g. User A could log into the nextcloud portal. Afterwards I integrated the AWS S3 storage as primary storage for the nextcloud. But now, if I Login to the nextcloud with user A which were already loged in before I receive an error.

If I try with a LDAP user B I haven’t login before it just works. I get the welcome popup windows and the sample folder and files are created by Nextcloud.

Therefore I tried to delete the previous login user A in the Backend User administration of Nextcloud. But the user cannot be deleted. Than I tried to disable the User Account A. But now the user disapeared from the backend list. So I cannot reactivate the User again.

I also tried to use the occ line command to delete or activate these User A again. I also deleted the full LDAP configuration and reactivate it again. The problem is still the same …

I seems to me, that some LDAP information were cached (I setted the Time-To-Live down to 10 seconds to reduce the chaching time) somewhere or in the nextcloud Database are exsting some duplicated information about the User A.

Anyway, I can not solve this problem. How can I fully reset all LDAP setting including the cached User properties.

I would be really thankfull if someone can help me