LDAP SMB files show folder

I was wondering if someone else has had the same issue, Recently configured on next cloud 13 LDAP connecting my SMB windows server. The folders all work great the issue is that I dont want a user to see the folders which he does not have permissions.
Ex: folder 1 can see user 1 and user 2 but not user 3
but when user 3 goes to that folder shows blank, instead of showing blank the folder it should hide that folder something like enable access based enumeration which i have that option checked on the server

Thank you

BUMP? Anyone else has not have this issue?

Are you using individual user mounts? Then this should happen when mounting SMB into Nextcloud. You don’t tell us enough about the configuration to judge … the documentation is also pretty good in this space …

Thanks for the reply. Sorry for not being clear, im currently using individual mounts because certain users dont have permissions to some folders which is great, but i was wondering maybe to not show the name of the folder rather then showing it empty?

See picture

Thank you

The external storage system just represents the rights the user has available in the SMB share. Maybe try with smbclient directly to check but it should be identical otherwise it sounds like an issue in the SMB protocol.