LDAP password change says it has been correctly saved but is not

Nextcloud 21.0.4 on docker using nextcloud:stable

Im trying to setup Nextcloud to allow domain users (not admin) to change their password.

The bind with the LDAP server is with a dedicated service account within the Account Operators group, so theoretically it’s set up right.

Once i change the password and try the login with the new password though, the login fails with invalid credentials. If i try the old password the login is succesful

The problem is that it is not changing password on the LDAP server.

Any ideas?

Daniel D.

Anyone? Im still facing this problem

Using the admin user for the bind still doesnt change the password so it’s probably a Nextcloud configuration problem.

Nextcloud sets a userPassword parameter with the new password but my LDAP is not using it.