LDAP Integration - Invalid Credentials

Hello, I’ve set up my NextCloud server and I’m trying to integrate it with LDAP.
When I verify settings & users it says “301 users found”, then I got into ‘Login Attributes’ and type in a user and it responds with 'User found and settings verified."

When I go back to the login in screen and type in the same user, it tells me I’ve got the wrong password, and denies me access.
The log later shows: Warning user_ldap Bind failed: 49: Invalid credentials

Help is very appreciated.

Best regards

I’m having the same issue. Did you solve this @kanudas?
My scenario is a little different in that I was using LDAP on a new instance for about 6 weeks before I had to change me password as per company computer policy. Since then I get the same error.


Did you find a solution @kanudas?