LDAP Integration, but not the way you think

Hi everyone,
I hope I picked the right place for this question, if not please move this thread :slight_smile:
I intend to buy this DECT base station as a replacement for my parents home pbx: Gigaset N510 IP PRO: Wireless connectivity

It seems like a great fit, has PoE support, has its own WebUI and sufficient range. The only thing that bothers me: it can pull address book information from a server and keep it in sync, but not via carddav, but via ldap.

I am new to nextcloud, but I would like to manage all my contacts in nextcloud and then have them automatically synced to this PBX. Does anyone have an idea how this might be done? I have read that Nextcloud supports LDAP as a means of authentication, but not as a way to export address books, right?

Could there be a workaround?

kind regards

maybe some additional information: I found out, that openldap can use RDBMS as an optional backend and I think I can set it to read only. So maybe I could setup a postgresql with read only access for openldap and let nextcloud modify the entries? But is that even possible?