LDAP homeDirectory for data directory

Hey there!
we just installed NextCloud 16 (migrating from Owncloud) on our CentOS 7 host and connected it with our openLDAP server.

We want to know, if it is possible to use the “homeDirectory” attribute in the LDAP for the data directory in NextCloud. Currently the home dirs (on a central NFS/SMB server) are named like this:

Or basically like this: /home/*/username

We would like to have a “Nextcloud” Folder in each home directory to be the data directory in Nextcloud. So the path ẃould look something like this:


That way the users have there Nextcloud files and folders located directly in there local home folder. Is this possible, maybe with a plugin? If not, we would seperate it, like we used to do on our old Owncloud host.