LDAP Contacts Backend not working properly

Hello everyone! We are trying to get the LDAP_Contacts_backend plugin working, however, no matter what search filter we input (either interactively or through the commandline options), we always receive the same error:

Symfony\Component\Ldap\Exception\LdapException: Could not complete search with dn “dc=examplehere,dc=example,dc=com”, query “(&(&(objectClass=inetorgperson)(memberOf=cn=nextcloud,cn=groups,cn=accounts,dc=examplehere,dc=example,dc=com))(|(=)))" and filters "”. LDAP error was [-7] Bad search filter.

The search filter we need to use is: (&(objectClass=inetorgperson)(memberOf=cn=nextcloud,cn=groups,cn=accounts,dc=examplehere,dc=example,dc=com))

Any assistance is appreciated, thank you!

Hi triptronics,

this part is not valid. cn stands for ‘common name’ of a group or user, the OU names are mentioned with ou=…
So your probably need: