LDAP - Contacts are not filtered

Hello I have configured LDAP autentication working, but contacts search are not filtered with filter applied to configuration. It shows all AD entries.

User Filter:
20 Users find (correct)

User Auth:

No filter

When I search a contact, it’s appear all person in AD.

Where can I apply the same filter for contacts search?


The problems was the entries in oc_cards table.
I deleted this rows and the problem is resolved

I used the SQL sentence:
delete from oc_cards where uri like ‘%LDAP%’;


Hi Miguel,

I have the Same issue. Could you please explain your Solution a bit More deeper. How did solve it?

Thanks in advance.


Edit: I did a workaround and delete the user, which are not within the LDAP-Filter anymore. Now I only see those user, which a part of the filter. I think this is caused by crawling the user database before the filter takes effect.