LDAP connection

Hi Guys dont forget the LDAP connection to Active Directory.

Perhaps its possible to create some other connectors to some cms systems like Contao / Typo3 …?


There are several ways to use external user backends. Beside LDAP, there is also MySQL, IMAP and SMB:


All these features (LDAP, …) will be of course part of Nextcloud :wink:

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We have connected to our LDAP backend with (relative) ease, it is well supported… however there is some fiddling with the groups in LDAP as well as the quota’s.

Another problem actually is the admin interface becoming too slow since it needs to haul in a zillion users, so beware when you effectively hook up your LDAP it might render the user admin section of Nextcloud a bit erm, uneffective :grin:

But besides that, it works nicely!

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Hi @Kinamo
Apologies for hijacking this thread. Did you ever recover from the non responsive admin interface?
I mistakenly connected to our entire AD and pulled in all of the users (around 2000) on my new install but despite restricting it to a smaller group now, all of the users are still there and the whole web interface seems to grind to a halt whenever it does an LDAP query.


Hi Gordon,

Well I’m afraid not, if you can sit out the ride your browser will eventually load the page, but we have a similar problem, we just don’t use the user backend anymore in Nextcloud since we manage our LDAP somewhere else, but yes, you’re right something is fishy there :wink:

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i would like to see a connection possibilty to Office 365… OneDrive sucks so hard, but Office 365 (exchange/licensing) is good. so having the possibility to put your mail in the cloud and your data in nextcloud would be awesome (with SSO)

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In fact the admin page should not suffer from many users. Unless, another (app’s) setting is so bold and pulls all of them in.