LDAP configuration on fresh install just hangs, nothing in error log

I’ve got Nextcloud basically installed on my Ubuntu 18.04 server and I’m working my way through getting all the fiddly bits fixed up. I’ve sorted out most of the issues showing up in the Security & setup warnings list (I don’t have a memcache working yet, though)

Trying to get LDAP set up is doing my head in, though, I’ve got a perfectly good OpenLDAP configuration working on the standard port using startls, with integrations in place for Dovecot, postfix, a wiki server user authentication, and user authentication for my Manjaro Linux workstation. Trying to tell Nextcloud how to talk to it is driving me crazy, though.

According to the instructions, I should just be able to enter a hostname or IP address and click “detect port”, but when I do that, it just puts up a spinney wheel and hangs forever. My browser’s javascript console shows that a POST request to https://my.nextcloud.server/apps/user_ldap/ajax/wizard.php is getting a 500 HTTP response, but I never get any error on the page, there’s nothing appearing in the nextcloud log, and I’ve just got no idea what’s going wrong!

Does it detect the server if you manually put in the port? I’m assuming 389?

No, none of the buttons in the tab appear to achieve anything. “Save Credentials” doesn’t lead to any of the entered credentials being saved, “Detect Port” doesn’t detect the port, “Detect Base DN” doesn’t detect the base DN, “Test Base DN” doesn’t report any test results, and “Continue” remains permanently greyed out.

And, yes, standard default port of 389.

$ cat /etc/default/slapd 
SLAPD_SERVICES="ldap:/// ldaps:/// ldapi:///"

Are you using nginx? If so, and you’re using the config from the documentation, you’ll need to use the config from the NC19 docs. Can’t remember the exact component that messed up the LDAP app, but the NC19 config should do the trick

EDIT: missed one difference between the files. Now working with the NC19 server NGINX config.