LDAP and user folder creation issue. Multiple folders created

Nextcloud version 20.0.8
Operating system Debian stable
Apache 2.4.38
PHP 7.4

Hi all,

I could install and configure my nextcloud and link it to the LDAP we have here and peoples can connect.

When connecting, for the first time, the user will get a new home folder and here is the issue. Some users are members of multiple groups in the LDAP and a folder is created for each.


$ ls -1

The folder with the suffix _1727 is also something created randomly and I don’t know why.

In my NextCloud ldap configuration I have this filter for users


for login attributes


and groups


The major problem is the linux client ending in the wrong home folder when from the web interface it’s the good one.

For instance, when “marcia” connects the web interface, files listed are the one in /data/marcia/ but when the Desktop client is connected, she is seeing the files from /data/marcia_1727/

I tried to merge everything in the same folder and delete the user from the database but everything comes back after next login.

Is there any parameter somewhere to set home folder names?

Thanks in advance.

Hello @darxmurf ,
I know this topic is very old, however, did you have a solution for your question ?
I’m having the same difficulties with version 27 of Nextcloud.
Best regards,