Layout of the right Mail Pane & Left column adjustment

Hi there,
thank you for the awesome Mail Client, very cool app.

I have 2 issues and I hope you can help me:

NC Version: Nextcloud Hub II - 23.0.3
Mail App Version: 1.11.7

1.) The left column is fixed, I can only adjust the 2nd left column in width. How can I fix it? I found several threads mentioned that this should work, but it is not in my next cloud.

2.) How can I remove the “shadowed”-borders in the right column and use the full width of the right pane? I have seen that the screenshots in GitHub and on the mail app website have a way better layout, but how can I get this “new” layout? I already tried the latest release from GitHub and I tried to reinstalled the whole nextcloud and only activate the mail app → but with the same results.

Thanks for any help :slight_smile: