Latex documents app

Is there any app to compile latex documents in App Store??

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Not in the app store but there was this app for Owncloud:

Another way to solve this would be to use Sharelatex and mount the folders into your Nextcloud:

Can you give some suggestions about how to proceed if we want to develop this app.

Well, you could download it to your Nextcloud and put it into the /app folder. Maybe the version numbers in the info.xml file need to be updated. Then you could try to enable it and see if it works.

I see that it might have problems with updating the filecache so your files would be created but not showing up inside Nextcloud. This would have to be fixed, along with any other problem coming up by using it with Nextcloud.

could you give us a brief idea about forking an application and made it available in the app list with other name?? Is there any way to do it?

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could you give us an idea how to download a compiled pdf from a server and make it appear on nextcloud ui?

we are able to download and store the pdf in nextcloud files location but due to nextcloud security reasons it is not appearing on nextcloud ui. could you suggest us any idea how to do that?

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That would be an interesting feature, definitely. A good chance to increase NextCloud penetration within the scientific world.


Perhaps Overleaf should be integrated with NextCloud:

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I think this would be really cool to have, when I get some time, I will have a go at it. Or try to assist if somebodies already started (let me know if anyone is working on it and would like help).

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