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i bought iphone 13 and i restored (from previous XR) everything via icloud; then i took few photos and few days after i installed nextcloud app and set to backup all photos / roll to nextcloud.

I can see that all photos that was restored from XR have creazy names FFXXX… and all have same create date? Information when the photo was taken is readable from metadata only.

The new photos taken with iphone 13 are name IMG_000x;

Is that an issue how restore using icloud from XR to iphone 13 works or is it somehow connected with nextcloud client?

With blue color are highlighted files restored on ip13 from ipXR
yellow are photos taken on iphone13

One more questions - sees there is still no way to upload also heic (for archivation purposes).


I don’t see how a restored backup from iCloud would have anything to do with Nextcloud. As far as file dates, that’s probably just a function of iOS’s file system. The files are created when the backup is restored, and maybe it just doesn’t maintain original file dates. Seems like it should…

In your Nextcloud app, go to Sertings > Advanced > untick Most Compatible. Maybe then it saves in the original format?