Latest 32 bit Windows client download?

I have a Samsung Galaxy book that uses a mobile chipset and runs win10. Right now it will only run 32 bit windows apps. I had a previous version of the client - but the ever helpful ‘you need to update’ popup and install wiped it out with the 64bit version.

Can someone provide me a link with the latest 32 bit version of the client for windows 10? The website download page doesn’t seem to offer options.


Have you tried to download and install the provided client package? Nowadays there is usually no requirement to separate 32/64-bit binaries in two different packages, because the architecture is recognized automatically during an installation.

That is what got me here - downloading the install from the website. The galaxy book 2 is an odd animal, it presents as a 64-bit arm running windows 10 pro but runs the snapdragon chip set. MS has yet to release the new update that will actually support the full 64 bit interfaces, and so a lot of apps need to be the 32 bit versions.

You’ll find the 32-bit Version on GitHub Releases · nextcloud/desktop · GitHub
It works fine with my Windows 10 on ARM (Surface Pro X).

I hope NextCloud compile the NextCloud-Client for ARM64 too soon. In my understanding it should just be an enabling an additional compile option in Visual Studio, or was at my times as active programmer.

Any additional ARM-Adaptions in source code must be made anyway for Macs on ARM.