Last Update 2.17.6 crash big time

I canโ€™t use anymore Nextcloud since the last update. Sometime, I can see for a short time my directories but cannot view files and pictures. The app show the login page all the time.

Users are in Active Directory.
IOS 10 and IOS 11 beta.

in iOS 10, it probably should work. Can you check the logfiles on your server?

no wonder for iOS 11 beta.

No ios 10 not works
I have 3 ipad and 4 iphone on ios 10 and I have exactly the same probleme.
Just with 2.17.6 version, with local account it works but with ldap account not works
But for me Ihave reinstalled owncloud client and it works perfectly.

There is already a thread on the bugtracker:

Please continue the discussion there, marking as solved here.