Landing page per user not working with AppOrder

On NC18.04 with Apporder 0.10.0, the landing page remains at files even with apps order set to calendar, contacts (only ones activated; files and all others deactivated).

Is the AppOrder supposed to change the default app? Normally, you can do this in your config file:

Thanks for your response! I should have mentioned that I mean the landing page per user. This is changed in the title now.

By my understanding, the first app in AppOrder should be the user’s landing page. I take this information from the following thread:

Upon closer inspection, I found out that AppOrder has to be set as default app in config.php as per the comment by hirschrobert on 27 Apr 2017:

So after adding 'defaultapp' => 'apporder', all is fine.
Sorry for the noise! Maybe others can profit from this, though!