Laggy avatars live regeneration

I don’t know for you, but when I scroll the contacts page, it looks like all the avatars (the 2 characters one) are regenerated after each scroll. The little circles goes black and the 2 chars and the background color comes a little bit later. It’s kind of annoying.
Is there a way to disable avatars ?

R u referring to your NC or to the forum?

Anyways… in neither way you can’t turn off those automatically generated avatars.

The lagging you have described sounds odd, though. Maybe one could get closer to identifying a problem if you’d lost more infos about your setup and some logs after that problem occured.

Pls check if you have turned off option “allow automatic updating from avatars from social media” somewhere under admin/groupware

I’m referring to NC, the contacts page.
"allow automatic updating from avatars from social media” is well unchecked… futhermore avatars with images loads faster (web browser cache) than those with 2 letters and a color background !