Kommentar / Comments from visitor on photos and videos

Good day
I am ne here.
I have used OwnCloud so far.
Now I would like to change to NextCloud.

What I miss on OC is the commenting of photos and videos.
I want to be able to share a link and the visitors of this link can comment on the content.
Is there something like that on NC.

If so, how would I have to set this up.
I don’t know NC at all, I just installed it today to test it.

Thanks for the feedback.

Yes can use comments or the Talk app. Search their documentation to learn more.

So you have to install an extra app on SmartPhone.
Can not just comment when viewing the link via browser on the laptop

Try reading the admin documentation. Comments are built into the server. You’ll quickly understand comments and sharing.

Talk is an app you can install if you want a full blown chat app. It ia different from comments. Talk is what nextcloud is recommending people use.

If I install Talk, don’t the visitors have to install something extra themselves?

You can share Talk sessions with guests in browser and such via url. Details in documentation

Talk mobile apps are only for users registered to your Nextcloud with username and pw.

For the comments: You can check out the feature on try.nextcloud.com

Open an image, on the top right there are three dots that let you open a sidebar and you can add comments. If you share this picture with other users, they can add their comments as well.