KeePass Sync not working properly

Hi everybody,

I just installed Nextcloud an tried to sync my KeePass file with it.
Unfortunately that did not work.

When trying to access the file directly using the credentials of that specific account, I get the error that I am not authorized (401). The credentials are 100% correct, I use them to access the web interface as well.

Next thing I tried was to create a new share for another email with a different password.
Now I do not get an 401 using those credentials when accessing the new link (differs from the one mentions above), but KeePass tells me, the specified file is not a KeePass DB.

I am using NC12 with encryption.

Can anybody tell me, how I can access my DB from the NC?

I have actually the same with NC 11.0.3 (the 401 error). So now I am defenitely sure it’s not me :wink:
I just downloaded the keepass file and uploaded in the keepass nextcloud app (which keeps it in its own storage) and that works so the keepass file is correct. Only doesn’t get synced now if I change anything in the nextcloud app…

Still no news here?
I already tried other accounts (such as “admin”), but I still get the 401-error :frowning:
Please, somebody help.

You face the issue for multiple accounts coming from the same device? I had a similar issue and the IP was blocked in the bruteforce table so you may check on your DB:
SELECT * FROM oc_bruteforce_attempts;
if something is listed there.