Keep versions of syncs done with windows 10 sync client

I was wondering if it is possible to get the Windows 10 sync client or NextCloud to make/keep versions when files are changed?

So if I create a file then the client will sync it. If I update the file, the client or NextCloud will make a backup/version of it and then sync the update.

I hope that makes sense?

Isn’t this exactly what the internal file versioning app does?

I am a moron and completely missed that.

Do you know how I can tell it to not delete any files and, instead, keep X # of versions of a file?

  • Enable trash bin (against file deletion) and versions apps, of course. Should be default on fresh Nextcloud install.

Sadly you can’t configure versioning app to store X amount of versions. You can only configure it to store an otherwise unlimited amount for [optionally at least/most] X days.
But having optionally an amount limit is actually a good feature idea. Should be not hard to realize.

Thanks. I will submit as a feature idea.

you could as well use the WIn10-inbuilt file versioning and point it to a location on your NC instance using webdav or even a mount point.

Interesting idea. I will look into it. Thanks!

Could we please implement this now with the new sync system, which is using the windows sync api?