Keep presence on Spreed.ME while logged in Nextcloud

I have this issue with I am present to others after opening the app, and only while the app page is opened. If I switch to FIles, I leave spreed until reopen again.
It would be nice to join spreed during Nextcloud login, and leave on logout or when closing the browser.

The ideal, would be to have a desktop app to join spreed on computer logon.

The way things work now, I allmost never found anyone to comunicate with…

I totally agree with you :thumbsup:
For now, it’s hardly operational…

The actual spreedme-desktop linux application (last version 0.9.0) has never been updated since March 2015 ! … and doesn’t even allow you to connect to your server… :disappointed:

AMHO it’s a “no go” for a wide usage of spreedme and i know many potential users disappointed.

Doesn’t anybody else feel that integrated this way in NextCloud is completely unusable ?!
It would be great to ear someone describe good ways to use this.

Best regards to all.

I agree. Also it would be much good to be able to interact with other nc apps (calendar, collabora, tasks etc) when on conference call.

I also find it strange that website still mentions owncloud 8.2 integration. I wonder if the project is still actively developed and if it’s not just dying out.

Things are not clear… :confused:

There is a github “strukturag/nextcloud-spreedme” development :

and another github “nextcloud/spreed” one :

What does it mean ?

Also, i wonder if the client is open source… I can’t find a github repository for the client source…

Well… It’s no really integrated. It’s more like embedded …

client is open source

Second link you posted as README says it’s a proof of concept so I don’t know what it is but I hope its awesome once its production ready :smiley:

Well, i should have said desktop client.

This is the spreed-webrtc server and webclient (in browser), not a client app.

Right ?

Well… as it is webbased… Idea: Spreed.Me should open in a new popup window?