Just sync subfolders automatically and partent folders only after manual confirmation

Hi guys,

I want to use Nextcloud in my company. We have the following folder structure:

Department A

  • Customer A
    — Project A.1 (+ subfolders)
    — Project A.2 (+ subfolders)
  • Customer B
    — Project B.1 (+ subfolders)
  • Customer C
    — Project C.1 (+ subfolders)

  • Department B

Department A and B is shared with every user. Now the user have to decide which project or customer he likes to synchronize. For example:

User A

  • Synchronize Project A.2 and B.1
    User B
  • Synchronize Project A.2 and C.1

If the User A or B change something in Project A.2 or in the subfolders everything is fine. Both of them have all files synchronized.

If User A decides to add a new folder in “Department A” for example “Customer D” then the user B automatically get this new folder synchronized. And this is the problem. User B do not need the information about the new customer. If someone want to get the information about Customer D they have to use the client to toggle the right check box.



I have actually the same issue. We want to define permanently which folder are synchronized and which are not. That works fine for existing structures, but if you generate a new folder and share it or create a file in the home folder and shrare it, it will always be downloaded to a computer. We only want that a specific folder gets sychonized always - does anybody have an idea how to make that happen?

An addition I want to give some background information in short, maybe there is a totally different approach:

  1. Users upload big video files (>1GB) which is not that stable over the webclient why we need the desktop app and sychronization.
  2. Users should be able to work from home on text documents with collabora but should not download the files on there computer.
  3. With the above mentioned problem we can only archive 1. or 2. but not both.

I really hope I described everything understandable and someone has an idea how to solve this!

Thanks an advance!