Just joined hiya there chippy

Just joined this site as I’m investigating a transition from owncloud. My existing rig is about five years old now. The server owncloud sits on also houses my ampache server on a 4TB drive.

I just ordered a new 4TB as well as a SSD. Going to install ubuntu server on the ssd and utilize the 4tb as storage. The old 4tb drive the rig currently sits will be used for backups.

I was just going to keep with owncloud but decided to look at other systems out there. I recall how nextcloud started and branched from owncloud. After a quick perusal of this site, it is clear that owncloud remains stagnant on features as well as updates and is likely prone to cyberattacks that my firewall may not be able to block.

So the new drives will be a fresh install all the way. I have some research to do and the following list is a top-of-the-head thing and not complete.

  1. I’d like to import contacts, calendar, rss feeds, etc Owncloud -> Nextcloud
  2. Owncloud touted some rather poorly documented method of enabling libreoffice through the web interface and required a headless install of libreoffice to make it happen. I’m looking for a streamlined approach that is self-hosted and well documented. I simply gave up trying on owncloud
  3. Easier installation of signed ssl certs (probably need to keep it at the system level since i’ll have multiple subdomains hosted on the same box)
  4. Media streaming seems to be mature, will it have enough features to replace Ampache
  5. Better ACL controls
  6. Better syncing between devices, fewer sync errors
  7. File pruning: Identical file detection (many copies of the same file in different directories)

I have some research to do, obviously.

I hope to learn alot with this community and it is exciting to see how far nextcloud has come from its earliest days and not become stagnant.