jQuery or not jQuery - that is the question


my app is heavily based on jQuery.
is there a recommendation on its usage?
pros & cons?

thank you,

In general: try to split your logic from your rendering. Heavily based on jQuery reads like the usual frontend ball of mud :slight_smile:

As for jQuery: http://ndugger.github.io/youdontneedjquery/ and https://developers.google.com/web/updates/2015/03/introduction-to-fetch

Almost all of the jQuery’s APIs are now available directly in the DOM and easy to use as well. Since Nextcloud ships jQuery you won’t get that much of a benefit of dropping it but it’s a good idea to future proof things. You may also get performance boosts since jQuery’s selectors are slow (see http://vanilla-js.com/)

Only argument for keeping jQuery apart from familiarity would be IE10 or lower support