Joining another person's workspace

A French colleague created a folder and loaded it into her NextCloud space via I’ve created an account in NextCloud but don’t seem to be able to figure out how to “join” her workspace. [Please forgive my probably inaccurate use of terms for what I’m trying to do or what I’m seeing.] In the NextCloud app, I checked settings and other places that might help me locate her work folder – no luck.
She has sent me an invitation to access the folder through the web, but is is merely a directory – not the sort of work area where real time collaboration and editing can occur.
Any thoughts that would help her and me get connected would be appreciated.

This already is the place for collaboration on files. Depending on if she (or the admin of the Nextcloud instance) has activated the following apps as well for guests, you can collaborate more “lively”:

  • Collabora Office
  • Talk

If you want to share more things like calendars and other stuff, best would be to have an dedicated account on the same Nextcloud instance as she is (if it’s possible and she doesn’t have only an one-account-subscription).

What she did is simply sharing a folder with an external “guest” who doesn’t need an account, this surely is the lowest level of collaboration, but it still gives collaboration capabilities :wink:

edit: I just read you already created an account, sorry. So if the apps are activated, there you go with opening an .odt or .docx file in that folder and working together on it

Okay - -that’s very interesting (and informative. I don’t think will try the Collabora app – it’s just the two of us, and we don’t have the necessary knowledge to run enterprise apps like Collabora or Talk.

I noticed in my settings -> Sharing that to share a work space, the person must put my “federated ID” in the “share dialog” – whatever that is! (A quick search of FAQs didn’t yield an answer.) Can you point me to this “share dialog”, perhaps?

It mus be enabled in both Nextclouds. You would in your Nextcloud see a folder with the files your colleague shared with you. You still must sync them with your client or download them to edit the files. The federated sharing is in an app, you will then see some settings for the admin, and in your personal settings you can see your federated cloud-id.