Jitsi integration


I am fooling around with the Jitsi meet integration. My challenges are with the jitsi meet config.

I have it up and running. However I am looking for a way to allow only Nextcloud users to create rooms (so I am imagening that I should use the JWT option) but only the creator should be moderator. I would like to use the lobby feature, and allow guests to join rooms (entering the lobby) just by url and the rooms to not be visible on the jitsi meet landing page. I am using Nextcloud talk for 1-1 and for online meetings inside this non profit organization and I do have the Open Sourced Nextcloud talk HPB from struktur up and running, however I am playing with Jitsi as it has a broader range of features and support, including streaming.
Has anyone gotten the above to work?

You can search the forum for past Jitsi integration, which is a bot that links other to Jitsi calls. Other than that Nextcloud Talk is totally different from Jitsi.


I have searched and I have no issues installing Jitsi and connecting to it from Nextcloud. And as I stated: I already use talk for other purposes than mass audience, so this is not a comparasation of the two. I am going to use both.

Following the Jitsi quick install is easy enough, However there must be a few on this community who has succeeded in hardening and tweaking Jitsi, as the Jitsi integration bot supports JWT token authentication.
I succeeded hardening it to much so it accepted token based authentication, hence I could add JWT token settings in NC, and then using the Conferences menu, I could create and join rooms, with pre-filled avatar, name, email and I was moderator. However joining as guests was not possible, and it prompted for user name and password.

I asks here for help from the community, to do excactly what I achieved, but with lobby and guests can join as guests and not be moderators.