JavaScript XMPP Chat - features missing


I am in need of assistance from who uses JavaScript XMPP Chat because i was wanting a solution where you could share your screenshot or going group chat.
Right now I am only able to take 1 on 1

Do I need to change anything, i saw in the dev. page that those things seem to be possible, can someone confirm me this or point me in the right direction to get all the functionalities from our XMPP chat.


You need to get an external xmpp server for those features. Look into Prosody or Ejabberd. You can also pay fora server as SaaS from the creators of this plugin.

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Krischan can’t it be on the same server? Or woul I have to spin a new one to run a xmpp server
Also can you advise on where to look for installation and most of all being highly secured.

What we need ain’t voice or even video, we need chat 1 on 1, chat group screensharing and maybe drag and drop for small files.

On ongoing works for us to speed up processes at times nothings beats this.
If you can help or tell me how to find it to have it running on my nextcloud instance would be great

Depends on your server. But on a full root server it is of course possible to install next to Nextcloud. Neither Prosody or Ejabberd are very memory or CPU intensive either.

But the easiest would be:

The features you want should be possible with it.

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