Issues with sudomains, ddns, ssl

Hey everyone,

So I am having a nightmare with installing NCP.

Initially I got it running and was able to access it on my devices externally from my network. However I had a free subdomain at afraid. This is when things started to go wrong, I thought to myself, well I can setup a subdomain on one of my domains and use that as it will be cleaner.

I tried it didn’t work, and then I started to have issues so just decided to do a fresh install of raspbian and start again, the second install had lots of fatal errors, so did another install which eventually started to go work. However I have had some issues again.

I want my nextcloudpi instance to be accessible by my subdomain, but I can’t find out where to set this up.

Just a few notes if it’s helpful at all.

  • Domain is hosted by Godaddy (don’t hold that against me)
  • I have an SSL certificate for this domain.
  • I also have a premium no-ip account I can use for one domain if that would help?
  • I am comfortable setting up portforwarding if need be on my router.
  • I am new to this, pi/linux/debian.
  • The main domain the subdomain is on is not used for anything. It has no dns information other than some email authorization stuff.
  • I would appreciate any help and can provide any information if need be.

All I want to do is have my subdomain for my address for nextcloudpi?

to set it up with any subdomain(s) you want,

If you need further assistance, please include (link to pastebin or similar ) with output of

sudo ncp-report

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Hi @OliverV

I have done another fresh install and I now can’t get access to the web GUI, even after an update, upgrade and multiple reboots.


If you are using the curl installer, it seems to be in need of a fix at the moment.

Is there a workaround?

There is a comment there (link above), that suggest one, but I have not tried it.