Issues with Raid and Boot drive

Hello! I have installed ubuntu server 18.04 on a 120 GB SSD
I also have a 3 TB raid 1 array with 2 HDD. I am trying to install nextcloud to use the raid array, but after installation it defaults to the boot drive. I am decently new to linux so help would be appreciated!

There are different ways you can approach this, the easiest probably being to mount your mirror at /var during the OS installation. It just depends on where things are.

Another option would be to mount your mirror under /mnt/something and then selectively mount or symlink specific folders onto the mirror.

You’ll want to be sure you get:

  1. Your web root
  2. Your database
  3. Your Nextcloud data folder (under web root by default but best practice is to move it)
  4. Your Docker files/volumes if using Docker

I’ve tried mounting the raid on is installation with no success unless I’m doing something wrong? Could you list some steps