Issues with php


I have a raspberry pi4 running dietpi. dietpi comes with its own install packages. I installed nextcloud a few months ago and was having trouble with permissions so I tried to re install it again but the install failed and cant find a solution here is the thread:

any help would be appreciated.


at the other forum you asked what to install…

what about a complete new way of thinking… (depending upon what exactly you want to reach - a running nextcloud-instance? or are there any other packages you wanna have installed there as well?)?

i’d suggest you go to and read the part on how to install the image they provide for rpi.

it’s an official tool from the nc-versum, so you don’t need to worry.

good luck

Hi Jimmy,

I dont want to run my pi as a standalone nextcloud. I am running it as a media center and would like to have a cloud service.

Thanks for the reply


which mediacenter are you running? have you checked if you could run both services at the same time?

Im running:

-tryint to add Nextcloud.

awww. there are threads on how to setup kodi parallel to nextcloud… seems to be a bit of an effort.

everything is working in my pi4. I also had nextcloud working but decided to to a new install and now it is broken.

is there a package where all the php files that I am missing will install in all the proper places?

the official package should do that.