Issues with Fresh Nextcloud Installation

I am getting problems on performing a clean install of Nextcloud on a clean server. I have the following setup:



So the connection comes to the reverse proxy with SSL termination enabled and then passes on the request to the specific server for the requested domain.

The installation initially works, it shows the default “Welcome to NGiNX!” page but once Nextcloud is placed it errors out.

Nextcloud Version: 13

I am having problems on the following environment:

  • Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (all updates installed)
  • NGiNX 1.10.3
  • PHP 7.2

Nextcloud NGiNX configuration (stored in /sites-enabled/ directory):

My Network Setup: - Reverse Proxy Server (NGiNX) - Nextcloud for - Nextcloud for

My installation commands:

Access Log (NGiNX):

Error Log (NGiNX):

PHP 7.2 FPM Log:

Nextcloud Error Page:

Nextcloud Directory:

I have not been able to install Nextcloud, the moment I go to the website I am getting internal server error. What am I doing wrong?

I resolved this.