Issues with Contacts & Reminders on iOS/macOS


today i finished setting up my nextcloud installation, it looks as follows:

local nextcloud server (latest) on ubuntu → nginx reverse proxy → iOS and macOS clients as well as some users using the web interface.

It works well for the most part but there are still some issues specifically related to reminders and contacts that lead to a suboptimal experience for the end users.

what does work:

  • Everything related to files/folders
  • Syncing reminders to iOS/macOS
  • Syncing Calendar to iOS/macOS

what doesn’t work:

  • Syncing Contacts to macOS. my domain name does appear in the contacts app however no contacts are synced, this does work fine on iOS devices.
  • Syncing reminders from the clients back to the server, sometimes the reminders take a really long time to appear on the other end or they don’t appear at all.
  • Background sync of reminders on macOS/iOS, from what i’ve read this is an apple issue tho.
  • I receive no notifications on macOS/iOS when a new reminder is published or the calendar is updated, push notification settings are set correctly in the web UI. Possibly also related to lack of or slow background sync…

Another thing that’s pretty annoying is custom contacts (as in employees with name, mail and phone numbers) being mixed with the integrated nextcloud users. These are the same people so the end users will be confused as to why they have the same person in their contacts twice (but only one actually contains a phone number or email). Is there a way to not have nextcloud users synced to everyone via carddav?

That’s all, maybe someone has an idea about how to solve one or multiple of those issues.