Issues with cloudflare

Hello :slight_smile:

My nextcloud instance is working quite well, but I can’t put it under cloudflare. As soon as I do it, if I want to edit some of my contacts, I get error “responded with status 412” and it doesn’t work (and I used to notice many sync errors).

Anyone has a similar problem?

Thank you!

Yeah, I’m not minimizing JS. I guess nextcloud is not compatible with cloudflare then :frowning:

Setups with proxies can be a tricky to set up since errors can be triggered from the NC webserver or the proxy. I don’t know what tools cloudflare provides to analyze errors. They could perhaps filter some request they consider malicious.

My setup is

Cloudflare → NGINX (as reverse proxy) → Apache/Nextcloud (official image)

I had to play a little bit with Cloudflare
but at the end it’s works fine

As I found after few hours of searching starting with why the login button is disabled, …

The main issue you might encounter is Rocket Loader and the second one is Brotli

You could simply disable it for all your domain, they are under Speed Section

or adding a Page Rule like this :

Note : to be able to see your Your Federated Cloud ID for Sharing you must also the Email Obfuscation at Off


Mine got the same problem and after disable Rocket Loader, the login page comes out. Thanks.