Issues with 2FA on NC18.1

I’m having a few issues with using 2FA on NC18.1.

I tried both TOTP and the client notification providers, but I was having the same problems with both of them

It keeps saying that my selected 2FA provider failed, and then it gives me the option to select one of my installed provider, and then I can login, but with some issues I’ll describe shortly. This all happens, even with no 2FA provider installed, expect I have no option to select a 2FA provider and have to use a backup code.

The issues I was talking about earlier are

  • Nextcloud Desktop on ArchLinux keeps logging out by itself, and I’m assuming this is from a 401, but not entirely sure.
  • PhoneTrack logged itself out shortly after I installed the app on my Android
  • Nextcloud Files occasionally logs itself out on my Android.

I’ve used both my real password and OAuth passwords, so I don’t think that’s the issue.

There are several 2FA applications. Are you using the official TOTP & U2F?

You can disable 2FA per account with occ in shell.

Yeah, I was using the official TOTP & U2F.

How do I do that?

The manual covers this. If you’re on shared hosting or docker you can install the app for occ and do it through the website.

Just make sure you disable it when done for security reasons.